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Duke’s Boats – final instalment

A selection of shots taken at Duke’s Boats in Port Carling – these boats truly are things of beauty!  

Duke’s Boats

The images I posted yesterday, of Muskoka boats and canoes in the boat shed at Duke’s, should be seen I think as a kind of photo essay, with no aspirations to anything higher. These two images are a little more aspirational.  

Boat Building in Muskoka

Port Carling is one of the epicentres of fine boat building in the Muskoka lakes area, as this interesting local blog  elaborates. As I mentioned last week my partner, Rob, was doing some location scouting in the region some time back, for a TV series she was working on, one of the highlights of which – for me, anyway, as the spare part and photographer – was the time we spent with various boat-builders and canoe makers, talking about their craft, the history of the various styles and models and, most of all, simply eyeing and envying the beautiful vessels. […]