On Vancouver Island

On Thursday the week before last, Rob and I flew to Victoria, on Vancouver Island – for those of you who are less familiar with Canada, a large and elongated entity floating off the coast of British Columbia, home to the province’s capital and the living presence of the West Coast First Nations. Victoria is also a pleasantly laid-back sort of place, kind of artsy and funky, set amongst hills ands ocean and not at all like Toronto – think Cape Town, versus Johannesburg. Below is a version of the standard tourist shot of Victoria’s Inner Harbour, with the provincial legislature – quite a grand structure, I must say – in the background.  And here, below, is Nora, sitting with Rob at her 90th birthday party. It was to celebrate her 90th – and to surprise Nora, by pitching up unannounced – that Rob and I went to Victoria that weekend, which was why we had to keep the whole thing so hush hush,

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