A boat on the lake

There are other boat builders on the Muskoka lakes, in addition to Dukes, and Rob and I visited some of the smaller ones in the course of her scouting. Here is one old lady of the lakes, all by herself in her dock, watched over – I think – by the company’s founder.

Muskoka Boatbuilders # 18

Duke’s Boats

The images I posted yesterday, of Muskoka boats and canoes in the boat shed at Duke’s, should be seen I think as a kind of photo essay, with no aspirations to anything higher.

These two images are a little more aspirational.


Boat Building in Muskoka

Port Carling is one of the epicentres of fine boat building in the Muskoka lakes area, as this interesting local blog  elaborates. As I mentioned last week my partner, Rob, was doing some location scouting in the region some time back, for a TV series she was working on, one of the highlights of which – for me, anyway, as the spare part and photographer – was the time we spent with various boat-builders and canoe makers, talking about their craft, the history of the various styles and models and, most of all, simply eyeing and envying the beautiful vessels.

This first set of images is from Duke Boats in Port Carling, where we spent one wonderful morning. Other images will follow.

Two images: Georgian Bay, Muskoka

When I have time, perhaps next week, perhaps later, I plan on pulling together a portfolio on boatbuilding in Muskoka: the most beautiful boats and canoes you can imagine are built and repaired there. Some of the motor boats with their varnished hulls and brass fittings date to the 1930s, and could have come straight out of F. Scott Fitzgerald, or On Golden Pond.

In the meanwhile, here are two black-and-white images, of one of Georgian Bay, the other of a diving platform on a lake in Muskoka.

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I am aware, of course, that I have been doing the Namibia photographs thing quite insistently, for quite a bit – there are so many images to sort through, as I try to build a portfolio, and I not only enjoy sharing them, but I also appreciate the feedback.

However, I do live in Canada these days, so perhaps it is time to share a few images from my new environment. Muskoka is ‘cottage country’ for Torontonians, not to mention ‘home’ to those who live there: I went with Rob on a business trip some time ago, while she was scouting for a new show she was working on, and took a range of photos, from boat-building to lake scenes.

Here are a few images to, perhaps, whet your appetite, ahead of the weekend.