Checking in

This has been a longer-than-usual absence from the blogosphere, I know, so I guess it’s time to check in for a moment, if only to say, do check out my Madrid photo portfolio. Blog-service is likely to remain intermittent, over the next couple of months, on account of some significant new developments on the work (and country of residence) front – of which more in the not-too-far future (hint: a transplantation is in process). Rob and I have our hands full, but we’re on it. And we’re on it together. Which is a good thing, at our age – you need a good partner to keep you moving forward!

My New Portfolio

If you read this blog – and more important, if you enjoy my photos – then do please take a look at the portfolio I have just set up, on Adobe Portfolio: it’s a great way to see the images at scale! You can see it here, at (please click on this post to open it – the live link to my portfolio will then show). Remember to bookmark the site so you can check back in and see what I’m up to!