Retirement Designer?

I had a lecturer once, when I was a first-year Eng.Lit student at the University of Cape Town, who ran an English Language course which was compulsory and therefore not always popular. Yet I have to say that the course marked me more deeply than I could possibly, as a snotty nineteen year-old, have imagined. One of the professor’s pet loathings (help me, someone, I forget his name, but the moment you mention it I’ll say yes! of course! professor so-and-so! though he might have been – dropping a clue here – a senior lecturer and not a full professor) was the inflation of language, a loathing you might have picked up in my own scribblings. For example, he would ask, why is every policeman these days an ‘officer’? A policeman (we were not gender-sensitised back then) is a policeman, but an officer is an officer. In the same spirit, and in homage to a presumably long-deceased mentor (he was

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