A visit to Motown

You know that dream where you are about to sit for an exam, and you realise you haven’t been studying – worse than that, you realise that it’s maths, or chem, or even worse still, you don’t actually know what subject you’re writing? Well, there’s a variant on that nightmare, which is where you realise that your students are about to sit for their exams – and you haven’t actually been doing any teaching: you haven’t been in class, you haven’t marked their assignments, you haven’t prepared them at all. This must be a throwback, I think, to my guilt at having been such a poor teacher – and let me tell you, the ‘teacher’ nightmare is even more scary than the nightmare of failing. So I rolled out of bed this morning – Rob is in Halifax, away on business – feeling a little bruised and discombobulated – in no fit condition to take anything meaningful forward. Instead, here

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