Kalk Bay Fishing Harbour

Interviewer: You were going to talk about working in black-and-white. But these images are in colour. Me: How perceptive of you! Some images will work both in colour and in … Continue reading Kalk Bay Fishing Harbour

Tuinhuys, in Black and White

Tuinhuys (the Garden House) is the Cape Town office of the Presidency, a lovely piece of architecture with a history that goes back, as everything does in South Africa, to … Continue reading Tuinhuys, in Black and White

Parkmore Field Market

It’s becoming a meme, I guess, at least of this blog – the notion that Joburg, and South Africa, is a study in contradictions. Creativity and enterprise flourish, the place … Continue reading Parkmore Field Market

The walk to work, Pretoria

Most days, instead of getting off the Gautrain bus opposite the Treasury, at the corner of Thabo Sehume and Madiba, I get off at Madiba and Bosman, and walk the … Continue reading The walk to work, Pretoria

O, Pretoria!

These days I work, not in downtown Toronto, but in Pretoria, Gauteng – administrative capital of South Africa, a small city with Boer Republic roots and an African feel, a … Continue reading O, Pretoria!